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Innovative Applications of Instant Temperature Measurement ePaper Products

A child's fever is one of the most distressing experiences, and this feeling resonates deeply with every parent. Normally, we use mercury thermometers, electronic thermometers, and ear thermometers, which can be expensive, but the measurement results may not always be satisfactory. The birth of Meawow (International Brand of Miaomiaoce Measure) came from the founder, Patrick Liang's daughter, Zhuan Zhuan.

When "Zhuan Zhuan" was young, she often had fevers, and while taking care of her during those feverish times, Patrick Liang couldn't help but worry: "What if Zhuan Zhuan's temperature rises while I'm asleep? What should I do?" Eventually, a thought emerged in Patrick Liang's mind: "Is there something that can continuously monitor a child's temperature and alert me if the child has a fever or if the temperature gets too high? This way, I can be informed about my child's condition promptly and get some rest."

As a tech-savvy individual with 15 years of experience at Nokia, Patrick Liang set out to solve the pain point of measuring temperatures for babies. He developed an intelligent thermometer that continuously monitors body temperature, which gained market popularity. This made him realize the essential value of continuous temperature monitoring in the maternal and baby market, further solidifying his confidence in exploring the temperature and humidity field and continuously developing intelligent temperature measurement products.

At the beginning of applying ePaper technology to temperature measurement products, Patrick Liang and his core team at " Meawow" realized that intelligent temperature measurement products needed innovation to meet the demands of modern life. After conducting in-depth market research, engaging in discussions with consumers, and collecting a wealth of feedback and opinions, they discovered that consumers not only wanted simple displays and networking capabilities for temperature measurement products but also desired convenience in using the products. For example, they wanted to be able to glance at the device and immediately understand the temperature reading.

In order to achieve the utmost in features valued by consumers, the " Meawow " team went through multiple brainstorming sessions and discussions. Eventually, they found a groundbreaking innovation point: they decided to apply ePaper technology to temperature measurement products and develop a temperature and humidity gauge with an ePaper.


The ePaper is eye-friendly and has a wide viewing angle. In the animated image below, the front part shows the ePaper product, while the back part represents the traditional LCD screen. When viewed at an angle, the LCD screen becomes unclear, whereas the ePaper remains as clear as paper, visible from any angle.

However, during the initial product development stage, the situation was not ideal. Due to cost concerns, the core team at "Meawow" hesitated about whether to mass-produce such a product. The determined core team, unwilling to accept failure, decided to seek a breakthrough. They had discussions with suppliers, and to their surprise, the cost of the electronic ink components was not as high as they had thought. The reason was that the suppliers had mistakenly quoted the price. Nonetheless, even with this realization, the suppliers still insisted on providing the components at the mistakenly quoted price for the mass production of Meawow's new product. This was the only innovative application of electronic ink in consumer products.

After the mass production of the first electronic ink temperature and humidity gauge product, as word-of-mouth spread and market share grew, "Meawow" gradually became a leading brand in this consumer category. The company also garnered the attention of investors and received more financial support.

The products not only fulfilled modern consumers' aesthetic preferences for smart temperature measurement devices but also provided them with more functions and convenience. "Meawow" subsequently introduced more innovative products based on electronic ink displays, such as the "Meawow temperature and humidity gauge", "Meawow temperature and humidity gauge with Bluetooth", "Meawow Smart Health Calendar", "Meawow Smart Clock with Temperature and Humidity gauge", etc., bringing more convenience and joy to people's lives.




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